Become a Local How to Become a Local


If you are a local who is eager to show his/her city, the most important thing is leading the experience smoothly from the very beginning. Therefore we have described the initial 8 steps of our experience flow for you. Let’s have a quick look on ideal experience flow:


This is the first step where our guests try to understand our services. Therefore probing questions are important. Try to find out visit dates of the guest and their expectations from the experience. If it meets with your interests and schedule, it will be easier to move forward to request phase.

In case of inappropriate message content, we kindly ask you to block the user and report to support team. 

Reservation Request 

A reservation request either come after messaging phase or before it. You should indicate your availability by accepting or rejecting the reservation request as soon as possible. If you are not available for the experience, please advise the guest to contact with the  support team. 

Transfer Fee

Transfer fee is a separated cost from your local service. It is necessary for the experiences that you need to use taxi and the exact amount for your transportation should be entered to this area. 

Payment Pending

After you accepted the reservation request, the status of your experience will be payment pending. In this phase, you can advise the guest to complete his/her reservation online to see each other’s phone number and discuss details of your experience. If the guest experiences problems during this phase, you can advise them to contact with support team.


The experience program should be planned with details once the guest confirms reservation and you can decide the meeting point together. The payment for the local fee should take place at the beginning of the experience. The experience program can always be flexible upon the guest’s request. During this phase, we need to take pictures of the places that we visit. The guest and the local can add these pictures to reviews and it is a perfect representation of what kind of experience that we are offering. If the guest does not want to take a picture you can only capture the places you visit.


After your experience has ended, review button will appear in your message screen. You should leave a review a soon as the experience ends and it would be more practical if you can ask for a review during your experience. Reviews are the most crucial parts of local profiles and the first thing promotes your profile. Pictures concrete the services you provide and the reason why they are as important as texts.

By applying this experience flow, you can have an outstanding profile and receive more requests from our guests!